Section I. The name of this Detachment shall be The Bill King Modesto Detachment 019 of the Marine Corps League. This Detachment is affiliated with, and has been Chartered by the National Organization of the Marine Corps League. The National Charter was issued on and presented to the Officers and members of the Detachment on 15 FEBUARY 1984 by the Commandant and Sr. Vice Commandant Of the California Department, Marine Corps League.

These by-laws are to conform to the by-laws, administrative procedures, regulations and policies issued by the national and department organizations.

Section II.   The purpose of this detachment shall be:

>   To cultivate those personal qualities that are molded into every United States Marine. To build on the traditions in every area of social endeavor, and promote the interests of the United States Marine Corps;

>  To promote the family of former and present Marines who now serve our country. Encourage those honorably discharged Marines to join the Marine Corps League family and help us in promoting the ideals of American freedom and democracy;

>  To cultivate those character traits such as self-reliance, self-discipline, self-direction, with confidence and determination as they served the Nation under arms, and as citizens.

>  To maintain true allegiance to the history and memory of our fighting men. To render assistance to all Marines and Veterans of all services and their families, widows and orphans. To enhance the traditions of the United States Marine Corps and honoring the anniversaries of historical occasions of the United States Marine Corps.

Section III. 

1. This Detachment is organized for non-profit purposes. Individual members may not derive profit from any Detachment activity or program. The Detachment reserves the right to hire an employee or member to provide services in the best interest of the Detachment.

2. The property of the Detachment is dedicated to the purposes of the Marine Corps League as a Veterans Organization and no part of the net income or assets of this Detachment shall ever inure to the benefit of any director, officer, or member thereof, or to the benefit of any private person or persons.

3. Upon dissolution of the Detachment, its assets remaining after payment, or provision for payment, of all its debts and liabilities shall be distributed to the Marine Corps League, Department of California, and the Marine Corps League, National Headquarters, as provided for in Department and National by-laws.



Section I.  A. Bill King Modesto Detachment 019 expresses as its policy that membership may not be denied on the basis of race, religion, sex, creed, or national origin.

                 B. Regular Membership: Only persons who are serving, or who have served honorably in the United States Marine Corps, U. S. Navy FMF Corpsmen and Navy Chaplains having served with the United States Marine Corps for a period of not less than ninety (90) days, and persons who are serving or have served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and have earned no less than ninety (90) Reserve Retirement Credit Points shall be eligible for regular membership in the Marine Corps League. Proof of honorable service in the United States Marine Corps or United States Marine Corps Reserve is required in the form of an Honorable Discharge, DD-214, active/reserve I.D., or other documentation that substantiates proof of service as a United States Marine.

                  C. Associate Membership: Those individuals not qualified for regular membership in the Marine Corps League, or Marine Corps League Auxiliary (if and when such a detachment organization does or shall exist), who espouse the principles and purposes of the Marine Corps League as contained in its Congressional Charter, may upon application to the Detachment be accepted for associate membership in the Marine Corps League and Bill King Detachment 019. If the applicant for associate membership has served with another service branch, he/she shall have served under honorable conditions. Proof of such service will be required.

                     Associate members, upon acceptance, will pay dues in the same amount as prescribed for regular members, including initiation fees. National Headquarters will issue a membership pin and membership card similar to the design and style of the approved regular membership pin and membership card, indicating "Associate Member" will be issued by National Headquarters. Uniform and cover, including ornamental device/emblems and lettering will be established by the National Uniform committee and will be enforced by the Detachment.

                     An associate member shall be entitled to all the rights, privileges and benefits of a regular member, except as provided herein. Such member nay not vote nor hold elective office (specifically Commandant, Sr. Vice Commandant, Jr. Vice Commandant, Judge Advocate) within the Detachment, nor any elected or staff offices at Department or National level. An associate member in the Detachment may hold staff officer or appointed positions, and may vote on the internal affairs of the Detachment or on matters not affecting Marine Corps League policy. Associate members may not vote on any membership application for regular membership.

                D. Honorary Membership: An honorary membership may be issued, at the discretion of the Detachment Commandant and/or the elected Board of Trustees (Officer Board) to those persons who have been of extraordinary service to the Nation, to the community, to the United States Marine Corps, and/or the Marine Corps League.

The honorary member will not be entitled to the rights, privileges and benefits available to a regular or associate member. A suitable certificate will be issued to honor the occasion. Payment of dues or initiation fees is not required; however, such membership will not be entitled to the official publications of the Marine Corps League. Membership card and certificate will be available from National Headquarters.

                E. Life Membership: Any member of the Marine Corps League in good standing may become a Life Member upon proper payment of the required fee as set forth in the National by-laws, Section 645, and by following the procedures and application process set forth therein. Detachment applicants for life member status must have been a member of the Detachment, and in good standing, for a minimum period of one (l) year.

               F. Dual Membership: Any applicant who, at the time of application to the Bill King Modesto Detachment 019, is also a member of another detachment, is eligible for "Associate Member" status only in the Bill King Modesto Detachment 019, and must make the existence of that membership in another detachment known at the time of application for membership in the Bill King Modesto Detachment 019. Such member shall be a regular member in the Detachment of such member's greatest tenure unless he/she makes a signed written request for transfer and is approved by the two detachments.

Section Il. Membership Application: Any person eligible for membership in the Marine Corps League under the provisions of the National by-laws and administrative procedures of the Marine Corps League may initiate application for membership by completing a standard application form to include applicant's signature, and presenting the application to a sponsoring member, or officer, of the Bill King Modesto Detachment 019 with all required dues.

               A. The Standard application form published by National and/or the Detachment shall include the requirement for completion of standard identifying dates; military service, date of birth, address and phone, social security or service number, and other administrative data as may be considered appropriate, a signature, and the following printed certification for regular membership: "I hereby certify that I have served on active duty as a Marine, or as a Reserve Marine for a period of 90 days (or 90 reserve credit points), that the character of my service has been honorable, and if discharged, I am in receipt of an honorable discharge or DD-214. By signature on this application, I hereby agree to provide proof of honorable discharge/service upon request." General discharge upon honorable conditions is acceptable. The Detachment may require, under the same signature, evidence of commitment to the principles of the Detachment and the Marine Corps League.

               B. The application form received by a member sponsor, or officer, shall be turned into the Detachment officer designated to receive such applications, along with all dues, as soon as practicable, but not later than the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Bill King Modesto Detachment 019.

              C. It shall be the responsibility of the Board of Trustees, (Commandant, Sr. Vice Commandant, Jr. Vice Commandant, Judge Advocate, and Jr. Past Commandant), known as the Officer board with consent of the Officer Staff (Adjutant, Paymaster, Chaplain, and Sergeant-at-Arms), to determine the most effective means of handling memberships and transmittals.

              D. The acceptance of applicants to membership in the Bill King Modesto Detachment 019 shall be the sole province of the Board of Trustees (Officer Board), Officer Staff, and regular membership, as set forth in Article 5, Section 540, of the National by-laws.

              E. In cases where an applicant is rejected for membership, all monies received from the affected applicant shall be returned to such applicant by the sponsoring member, or Detachment officer.

              F. When accepting membership in the Bill King Modesto Detachment 019, am applicant agrees to subscribe to and be bound by the provisions of national by-laws, Department by-laws, and the by-laws of this Detachment. As practical, each new member of the Bill King Modesto Detachment 019 will be provided with a copy of the by-laws of the Bill King Modesto Detachment 019. and will sign an acknowledgement of receipt and an agreement to comply with these by-laws.

Section III. Membership Dues and Fees: Membership dues and fees will be as set by the National and California Department, and by such additional fees as set by this Detachment. All such fees of this Detachment shall be subject to vote of the membership at a regular business meeting before taking effect.

*  All members shall be considered in good standing in the Detachment and the Marine Corps League, except when:

        (a) Required dues are not paid and transmitted on or before

        membership expiration date as shown on the membership card. 

        (b) A member is indebted and in arrears to the Detachment,

        Department, or National Headquarters.

*  In all cases involving transfer of a member of a Detachment, the losing Detachment approving of the transfer shall also certify in writing that the transferring member is in good standing.

*  A member shall be identified as delinquent whenever the member's dues are not paid and transmitted on or before membership expiration date as shown on the member's membership card.

        (a) Such member shall be retained in the delinquent status for a 

        maximum of one (l) year, during which time the member may Erase this

        status by making payment of all dues in arrears and all dues current and

        provided that the member is not indebted to the Bill King Modesto

        Detachment 019, the California Department, or to National


        (b) Should the affected member remain in the delinquent status in

        excess of one year (or as such time set by the Detachment Officer

        board), such member shall be dropped from all membership rolls. The

        good standing status of such member shall be restored only through the

        processing of a standard application form as a new member, which shall

        include the initiation fees as prescribed by the Detachment and National

        by-laws Article 6, Section 600, and Administrative Procedures, Chapter 7,

        Section 700. Applicant will be listed as RI (Reinstated) on the Dues


        (c) No delinquent member may be transferred.

*  No member shall be deprived of any rights and privileges in the Marine Corps League or the Bill King Modesto Detachment 019 except for non-payment of dues or other indebtedness, unless the member shall first be charged, tried and found guilty in accordance with the Provision of the national by-laws and Administrative Procedures dealing with offenses and penalties.    The right of appeal under the Provisions of the National by-laws and Administrative Procedures shall not be denied.



Section I. The Board of Trustees (also referred to as the Officer Board) the elected officer of this Detachment shall be:

      (a). Commandant

      (b). Senior Vice Commandant

      (c). Junior Vice Commandant

      (d). Judge Advocate

The immediate past commandant shall be the junior past Commandant. These five elected officers shall comprise the Board of Trustees, also referred to as the Officer Board, or the Board of Directors of the Detachment. Regular members only may hold these offices.  

* The Officer Staff: Those elected officers shall elect or appoint an Adjutant, Paymaster, Chaplain, Sergeant-at-Arms, and other such officers as needed to effectively administer the business of the Detachment. Such officers comprise the Officer Staff, and are expected to assist the Officer Board (Board of Trustees) in decisions and administrative activities, and attend Officer meetings. Regular members and/or associate members may hold these offices in the Detachment. If, in the view of the Officer Board, and a majority vote of the membership at a regular meeting, it is deemed in the best interests of the Detachment to elect rather than appoint any or all of these officers, (B) shall be so amended. However, regular or associate members may still hold these staff offices, unless this caveat should also be amended.

* Project Staff: The board of Trustees (Officer Board) may appoint members (regular or associate) to manage and lead specific projects and/or ongoing activities of the Detachment. This includes such functions as:

(a). Marine Corps birthday                   (b). Public relations and information

(c). Fund raising                                     (d). Newsletters

(e). Honor guards and parades           (D. Young Marines

These will include any other projects as required by the membership at a regular meeting.

Section II. The duties and responsibilities of the Officer Board, Officer Staff, and project leaders will be as follows:

1) Commandant: Direction and planning; administration of meetings; liaison, contacts and community relations; swearing-in and installations.

2) Senior vice Commandant: Assistance to the Commandant; finance and budgets; fund raising.

3) Junior Vice Commandant: Membership recruiting and retention; meeting and event planning; coordination and assistance on parades and ceremonies.

4) Judge Advocate: By-laws, counsel, and audit; liaison with National and Department on policy; adjudication of infractions and grievances within Detachment, Department, and National.

5) Junior past Commandant: Officer assistance and training; event planning assistance; counsel regarding questions of tradition and history.

6) Adjutant: Recording of meetings transcribed; member personnel records; correspondence and inquiry response.

7) Paymaster: Accounting and bookkeeping; membership transmittals; comptroller of Detachment funds; quarterly financial reports; assistance to Senior Vice Commandant on finance and budget; taxes and licenses.

8) Chaplain: Invocations; memorial services; membership assistance for death or illness of members; Marine assistance during times of distress.

9) Sergeant-at-Arms: Maintains order during meetings; prepares meeting location; makes sure all in attendance are eligible.

10) Project Leaders: The following Detachment projects represent the functions that the Detachment may require. This list will serve as an example of duties required by the Detachment and is not intended to be all inclusive, or exclusive.

  * News Editor: Responsible for the monthly publication of the Detachment newsletter, mailing and distribution. May write or solicit articles from membership and/or outside sources.

  * Color Guard Commander: Responsible for training, appearance, and performance of color/honor guards at parades and ceremonies, and other meetings and events.

  * Public Relations and Information: Responsible for dissemination of information to the public, press, and Marine Corps League publications. May serve as contact for information on Detachment programs and activities.

  * Young Marines: Responsible for coordinating activities and programs involving the Detachment at parades and activities.

  * Veteran Services and Activities: Responsible for providing veteran service information to all members pertaining to and supporting Veteran activities.

  * Ongoing Proiects: Community service or Marine Corps support projects will be assigned project leadership as required.

Section Ill. The Board of Trustees (Officer Board) of the Detachment may temporarily or permanently change the designated responsibilities of the elected and appointed officers from time to time as the needs of the Detachment require, and the capabilities of 

individuals dictates. The Board of Trustees (Officer Board) of the Detachment may also add, delete, combine, or otherwise modify the Project Leader activities and responsibilities as dictated by Detachment requirements.



Section I.    Nomination of proposed Officers shall be made between November I and November 30 of each calendar year. Nominations will be open at the November general meeting of the Detachment members. Nominees must accept nomination prior to their names being placed on the ballot. Nominations may be made subsequent to the meeting, but in no case later than the 30th of November.

Section Il.  Election of Officers shall be held at the January general meeting of members. In the event circumstances require a nominee to withdraw from consideration after nominations are closed, and that withdrawal leaves no nominee for office, there shall be nominations accepted from the floor of the January meeting prior to the balloting.

Section III. Election of Officers shall be by secret ballot of regular members in good standing present at such meeting, or by hand vote if approved by the membership present. Proxy voting is not permitted, except in the following circumstances: ( If a member is on active duty or reserve duty and cannot attend, if a member notifies the Detachment that he will be out of town or ill and cannot attend the meeting. The member must contact the Commandant or Judge Advocate prior to the meeting, and either provides the Judge Advocate with his vote, or designate a regular member in good standing to cast said member's vote.

Section IV. The counting of ballots and proxy/absentee votes, will be conducted by the Sergeant-at-Arms, and verified by the Judge Advocate. In the event that either of these officers is not available, the Commandant will select a member(s) of the Officer Board and/or Staff to perform these functions.

Section V. Election of officers shall be by secret ballot of regular members in good standing present at such meeting, unless a hand vote is approved by the membership present, and proxy votes as defined in Article IV, Section Ill. A simple majority shall be sufficient to elect.

Section VI. Elected and appointed officers shall be installed no later than the January general meeting of members, depending on the activity schedule of the Detachment. The installation of officers shall be performed by the outgoing Detachment Commandant, Junior Past Commandant, or by an invited Department Officer.

Section VII. The term of office for elected and appointed officers shall be for a period of one (l) year. Re-election to office will be determined by the membership of the detachment.



Section I. In the event of resignation or death of an elected or appointed officer during his or her term, the following procedure will be followed:

            l. If an officer resigns from office, the resignation will be approved or

                  denied by the Commandant and remaining elected officers. If

                  denied, a meeting will be set for review with the resigning officer.

                  If, after such meeting, that officer still wishes to resign, it will be


            2. The replacement of an elected officer who resigns or dies in office,

                  shall be at the initiation of the Commandant and Elected officers

                  remaining, after discussion and review of appropriate candidates

                  to complete the vacated term. The board shall appoint a

                  replacement by vote, with such appointment being based upon a

                  minimum of three (3) votes. The recommended officer designate

                  shall then be voted on by the membership at the next regular

                  business meeting. A simple majority of those regular members in

                  good standing present and voting shall be sufficient to confirm the


            3. In the event of the resignation or death of an appointed officer, the

                  Commandant and elected officers shall appoint a qualified

                  individual to finish the unfulfilled term of office.

Section Il. In the event that an elected or appointed officer, proves to be incompetent or otherwise unfit for office, or cannot fulfill his oath of membership, or the oath of office as required by National, Department and the Bill King Modesto Detachment 019by-laws. The following steps shall be taken, not withstanding charges and rights of the officer, which shall not be denied, and will be followed according to national and Department by-laws.

1. In addition to issues mentioned in the above paragraph, if an elected or appointed officer has missed;

        (a). Two (2) consecutive general meetings

        (b). Two (2) consecutive scheduled officer meetings

        (c). Has been absent three (3) or more general meetings within a 12

        month consecutive period.

        (d). Or three (3) or more officer meetings within a 12 consecutive month


That officer maybe subject to actions as described in Section 11. (l) B and C. depending on the disposition of any discussion and extenuating circumstances as reviewed by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will direct any subsequent actions.

      1. The remaining officers will meet with the officer to discuss the situation

          and, if warranted, to request such officer's resignation based upon

          unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees (Officer Board).

      2. Impeachment charges shall be drafted by the Officer Board through

          the Judge Advocate, if the officer refuses to resign and the situation

          warrants such action, and will be presented to the membership at a

          special membership meeting called for that purpose. An officer who is

          the subject of impeachment proceeding shall have the right to have

          included with the mailing of notice of the special membership meeting;

          a statement of his/her position or defense to be considered by the

          membership at the meeting called for his/her impeachment. The cost

          of producing the statement of position or defense shall be borne by the

          charged officer. The cost of mailing that statement with the notice shall

           be borne by the Detachment. A vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the regular

           members in good standing present and voting at the special

           membership meeting shall force the resignation of an elected officer.

      2. In the event the officer holds an appointed office, the Commandant

          and elected officers will follow the procedures set forth in Article V.

          Section Il, (1) (A). In the event the appointed officer does not tender

          his/her resignation, the Board of Trustees (Officer Board) may remove

          such appointed officer from office by a unanimous vote. 3.



Section I. The Bill King Modesto Detachment 019 shall have not less than one (1) general meeting per month, on a week and day of the month to be determined by the Officer Board, and voted on by the membership majority. In the event that any meeting date should be changed, written notice of the change will be sent to all current members in good standing. In the event of an emergency, such as war or an Act of God, contact by telephone or most expedient communications capability, will be made. A monthly meeting may be cancelled when it conflicts with a major event and cannot be rescheduled that month.

Section Il. Other general or special meetings maybe called by the Board of Trustees (Officer Board) as required by the detachment.

Section Ill.  A meeting of the officers, both elected and appointed, should take place at a mutually acceptable time on a monthly basis, at least four (4) times per year to plan and administer the business of the Detachment.

Section IV. A quorum for purposes of voting at a regular meeting of members shall consist of those members present.

A quorum for purposes of voting, at an officers meeting shall be at least three elected officers. In addition, where mandated or desirable, a phone vote is also acceptable.





Section I. The elected officers may appoint such standing or ad hoc committees and projects to assist in the performance of the performance and fund raising business of the Detachment.



Section I.   The fiscal year for the Bill King Modesto Detachment 019 is from July I to June 30 of the next succeeding year.

Section Il.   The Board of Trustees   (Officer Board), Officer Staff, and finance committee will present a budget   to the membership for their voting approval no later than the January regular membership meeting. This budget shall establish the limits under which expenditures can be made for a given purpose. The budget will approximate revenues based on prudent and conservative evaluation and estimates of the previous year finances. The budget will be presented to the membership for:

        l. Approval by a voice vote of all members in good standing attending

          the January meeting. A simple majority in favor of the proposed budget

          adopts the budget. If a majority vote, for or against adopting the

          proposed budget, cannot be determined by voice vote, a secret ballot

          will immediately follow at that meeting.

        2. If the proposed budget is not approved by the members in good

           standing present and voting at the January meeting, a new budget will

           be presented at the next general membership meeting. The voting

          procedure to adopt such a revised budget shall be as set forth in Article

          WII. Section 11 (2). Necessary expenditures will be allowed to be made

          for a period no longer than December 30th, should the first or

          subsequent budgets not be approved. This will have no impact on

          Detachment business, such as; (membership transmittal dues and fees,

          which have been received from members).

Section Ill. Authorization for the expenditure of unbudgeted amounts, or amounts in excess of those approved by the general membership; (for emergency or necessary purposes in the conduct of business, maybe proposed by the Board of Trustees (officer board), and approved by the membership at a general meeting). The voting procedure to adopt such a revised budget shall be as set forth in Article VIII, Section 11 (2). Necessary expenditures will be allowed for a period no longer than June 30th will, should the first or subsequent budgets not be approved. However, this will have no impact on membership transmittals, such as dues and fees received from members.

          Authorization for unbudgeted amounts, by the Commandant or Officer Board shall be in the Paymasters report to the membership at the next general meeting by the Paymaster. The responsibility for disbursing funds within budget limits, and making a financial report to the membership and Officer Board is the Paymasters.

          The limits set forth in this section (A through C) are binding. If any changes or modifications are made, it will require an amendment per Article IX of these by-laws.

          (a) The Commandant may approve expenditures up to $50.00) for 

               non-budgeted expenses.

          (b) The Commandant and the elected officers can approve the

               expenditure of $50.00 to $200.00.

          (c) Any non-budgeted expenditure in excess of $200.00 requires the vote of the general membership before such expenditure can be made.

Section IV.

(a) No expenditures are to be made through the Paymaster unless authorized by the Detachment as defined in Section 2 and Section 3 of this Article. The only expenditures that can be made are those that fall within the approved budget, or authorized by the Commandant, Board of Trustees (Officer Board), or majority vote of the membership, as defined in (Article VIll, Section 3, (A), (B), and (C).

(b) Expenditures regardless of budget or other authorization are subject to funds availability in the Detachment banking account.


(c) All member/s, who proposes to perform a service for the Detachment, must have prior approval of the Officer Board before any reimbursement of expenses will be made.

(d) It is expected that members will be responsible for ancillary expenses associated with membership in the Detachment, such as conventions, travel, and other related activities. However, if a need to reimburse a member for extreme expenses, incurred on behalf of the Detachment, at the direction of the Board of Trustees (Officer Board) or a member thereof, the expenditures need to be approved by the Board of Trustees (Officer Board) prior to incurring such expense.

(e) Accounts belonging to the Bill King Modesto Detachment 019 shall require one (1) signatures on checks and financial document. There shall be two officers of the Detachment authorized to sign checks and financial documents, (Commandant, Paymaster,  Senior vice Commandant and Quartermaster). In every instance, of a check or financial document, must be signed by the Paymaster and/or Quartermaster.

Section V. The Board of Trustees (Officer Board) shall have sole responsibility for negotiating any indebtedness on behalf of the Detachment. After written notification (newsletter or special letter) to every member in good standing has been notified, and only after such proposal for indebtedness has been approved by a majority vote of the membership at a general meeting.

Section VI. The Judge Advocate shall have the responsibility of reviewing the account books and transactions of the Detachment at least once per fiscal year. The Judge Advocate shall make a report of his/her findings to the Officer Board, and to the members of the Detachment. The Judge Advocate may designate another member(s) to assist in this audit function.



Section I. Ownership of any uniform is not required as a condition of membership the Detachment. Although the Detachment does encourage all members to obtain and maintain in good repair, a white shirt and black trousers the approved uniforms of the Detachment and Marine Corps League. Uniform regulations and policies of the Detachment shall conform to the policies of the National Uniform Committee as approved by National, and Department policies. Wearing of the MCL Cap alone places an individual IN UNIFORM.

Section Il. The Board of Trustees (Officer Board), Color Guard Commander or Commandant shall determine, and notify members of such, uniforms to be worn for specific occasions. It is expected that the Commandant or his designate shall assure proper appearance of members in uniforms, at all public functions, ceremonies and parades. In the absence thereof, the National policies shall prevail.

Section Ill. There are three (3) Marine Corps League uniforms that are described in the National policy; (Undress, Casual, and Formal). These three uniforms, and any others subsequently adopted by National, shall be considered to be the official Marine Corps League uniforms for Detachment wear.

Section IV. Federal law allows the wearing of the Marine Corps Uniform on special occasions to include weddings, funerals, patriotic holidays and events. In the event the Marine Corps uniform is an option for one of these occasions, members are advised that the uniform shall be worn properly and within regulation. This includes haircut and matters of personal weight and appearance. The Marine Corps uniform should never be dishonored through improper or inappropriate wear.



Section I. These by-laws may be amended in any manner prescribed or permitted by law, or by the by-laws of the National and Department, or by a majority vote of those regular members in good standing, present and voting at a special meeting called for that purpose. Only after prior notification has been made by (bulletin or mail) to each and every member; or by the written assent of a majority of the regular members in good standing.


Section Il. In the event any issue arises that is not covered by these by-laws, the Detachment shall refer to National and Department by-laws. In the event such issue is not covered by National or Department by-laws, the Board of Trustees (Officer Board), with advice and counsel of the Judge Advocate, shall make a decision, which shall be reported to the members at the next general meeting.

            /s/__________________________________AARON BAZAN, Commandant 


            /s/__________________________________ MICHAEL PELUCCA, Sr. Vice     


            /s/__________________________________ MILTON MAXHEIMER, Jr. Vice 


            /s/__________________________________ JEROME SARKOVICS, Judge Advocate 


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